Tone Up Your Body With Pelvic Floor Exercises

The pelvic floor is an important muscle and tissue group. This stretches between the base of the spine and the pubic bone and is the structure that supports your internal organs. Pelvic floor exercises can help you tone and tone this area.

Why do you need to do pelvic floor exercises?

Over time, our pelvic muscles may stretch out too much and become weaker. This is especially true if there is weight gain during pregnancy. You have to do pelvic floor york exercises to avoid weakening these muscles.

In this case, problems with the digestive and reproductive systems can arise in this area. This may include:

– Urinary incontinence – Weak pelvic floor muscles causing incontinence. This will make it harder for you to control when you go to the bathroom. You may experience stress incontinence when sneezing or coughing.

– Sexual satisfaction – Sex may be less satisfied as muscle weaker and less responsive.

– Prolapse – This is a common problem after menopause. It occurs when the vaginal muscles are weak and the uterus is weak.

The good news is that pelvic floor exercises can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and help prevent these types of problems.

Get started

The first thing you need to do before starting pelvic floor exercises is to find the right muscles. This is easy if you can imagine stopping the flow of urine while preventing the wind from blowing through you. This will feel like a squeezing and lifting sensation on both the front and rear walkways.

You can practice squeezing and gripping these muscles anywhere because no one will see what you are doing. However, don’t practice when you should focus on other things such as B. When you are driving.

Simple pelvic floor exercises

Now that you know which muscles to focus on, you can try some simple pelvic floor exercises. All you have to do is sit on the floor and pull your legs up. You should bend your knees with your feet firmly on the ground. Squeeze the pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds and release them. Relax for five seconds, then press again. Do this at least 15 times and repeat twice a day if you can.

For most pelvic floor exercises, make sure you don’t:

– Contracting the abdomen

– Squeeze your thighs or butt together.

– hold your breath

This method can focus on the pelvic floor muscles and reduce the impact of pelvic floor exercise.