office disinfection singapore

Office Disinfection Singapore-know about them

Keeping clean has become even more important during the lockdown. The alcoholic spray is the only way to neutralize the virus. For ourselves, we’ve increased our use of hand sanitizer and masks. But what about our workplace and our residence? A large number of people are on their way to work in their offices. It is also the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the office environment is kept clean. We’ve come to talk about office disinfection singapore for that reason. 

What services can you expect from us?

Spraying with water alone is ineffective; instead, a disinfectant containing specific chemicals is used. The disinfection’s goal is to rid your office of any viruses or bacteria and keep it clean. We provide antimicrobial air treatment, complete disinfection wipedown, deep carpet disinfection, and upholstery disinfection for this purpose. The air disinfection mixture, sodium hydroxide, and isopropyl alcohol are used to sanitize the air throughout the office environment, wiping all high touchdown surfaces. It ensures that nothing is left behind. 

office disinfection singapore

Why do you need to disinfect your office?

It is necessary to disinfect your office in order to prevent the spread of viruses and other contagious diseases. We never know how bacteria or viruses on surfaces will affect us, but with the rise in critical numbers during pandemic times, it is necessary to do so. 


While the process is in progress, we make sure to look after all of the office’s belongings. To kill the germs, we use chemicals that are effective and efficient.