Electric trolley

Most important golf accessories

The professional players of golf would have known about the accessories that are needed for their game. But the beginners may not have the clue about accessories that are needed for golf. This article is a dedication for the newbie. Apart from bat, shoes and bags there are several other important accessories. some of the most important golf accessory that is to be added to their list is mentioned in this article.

they can make use of the electric golf trolleys.

Rain glove

In current trend, not all the players will prefer wearing the rain gloves. But it is to be noted that wearing them can yield more benefits than they sound to be. This can ensure the grip of the player in spite of any kind of climatic condition.

Pitch marker

The golf player must always have the pitch marker in their pocket.  The beginners must remember that almost all the experienced player will have this marker in their pocket as this can favor their game. With the help of this they can mark the position of the ball.

Peaked cap

Obviously this is a game that should be played in the open ground. In such case, the day may be sunny and the player may get disturbed because of sunlight. In order to get a clear idea about the pitch they can use the peaked cap.

Electric trolley

This is oneof the most advanced accessories for the golf player. The best club booster v2 australia will help in saving the energy and stamina of the player to a greater extent. The golf buggy spare parts australia reviews will help in choosing the best.