travel with your baby

Can and should you travel with a baby?

One of the major events we all look forward to the moment we officially become a couple with a partner is the birth of our first child. We also look forward to the birth of subsequent children until we get the number of kids we desire. However, having children comes with a lot of inconveniences, which fortunately the joy the child brings is worth every single one of such inconvenience. One of such inconveniences is the need to travel and the fact we cannot leave the baby behind due to breastfeeding and other reasons. When there is an urgent need to travel, then you might be wondering if you could travel with your baby.

Traveling with a New Born Baby

Traveling with a newborn baby is generally not advisable, especially if you are traveling with public transport or a flight. The immune system of a newborn baby is still very fragile. As a result, it would be very difficult to fight off germs. Considering the diverse people in public transport, who might be battling cough or other communicable diseases, your newborn baby might end up catching one of such diseases before getting to the destination. This also applies to flights as well. A lot of planes utilize recirculated air that can result in the broadcast of germs from a person with cold among other air-borne diseases. In both cases, your immune system as an adult will be able to fight off a lot of diseases that those of a newborn baby can’t fight off.

When is the Right Time to Start Traveling with Babies

If you must travel with a baby at the earliest possible time, then you should consider traveling with them from when they are two months old. However, the right time to start traveling with babies is preferably when they are between the age of 4 and 6 months old. By this time, they are already getting stronger and would have completed some of the major immunizations that would boost their immune system.

travel with your babyGetting Information Before Traveling

Another thing you might want to do is to read about the experiences of those who have traveled with kids. You can read travel reviews such as vacation reviews and complaints. From here, you will read about people who have traveled with babies of different age range and their experiences. In some cases, they would leave tips of professional advice and personal tricks they used in transporting their baby at that age while reducing the risk of any complication.


If you can, it is best not to travel with your baby, be it by road or by air, especially in a public transport. The longer the journey you are embarking on, the riskier it is for your baby. However, the right time to start traveling with your babies is after they are four months old. If you must travel with your babies earlier than 4 months, then try to make it when they are more than 2 months old.