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Few things are necessities in life. One cannot live without these necessities such as air, water, food and shelter. No one can survive in life without these things. These are not a big thing but are things that are a must in life. All these things are needed by all to live life. Air that one needs to breathe and survive is free and available all-around people. Other than air all the other necessary things that are water, food and shelter are not free at all. One has to earn money in life to pay and afford these necessities. To earn money, one has to work. People complete their education and get a job or start their business to make money. Once a person has money only then he can afford these necessities in life.

Need for necessities

Necessities needed in life because of the following reasons:
⦁ To function properly
⦁ To have energy in the body
⦁ To live life comfortably
⦁ To do daily life chores
⦁ To be comfortable

These are some of the reasons that make having necessities in life important for all people no matter what age or sex. If one has all these necessities then, one can do all that one wants to do in life and achieve everything one wants in life. To get food one needs one can order them online anytime they want. One can get even small items online. Such as one can buy cheese online Singapore when they need it.