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Amazing formatting techniques in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful office tool that is commonly used. But most people know only the basics of this program. To know about advanced techniques and updates of this software, one should pursue the microsoft excel training course singapore. Here we bring to you some amazing techniques of formatting using Microsoft Excel. This will help you to create work that is clean in presentation and polished too.

  1. How commands for changing sizes, fonts, and styles can be accessed.

Mac/PC users

  1. The Ribbon
  2. Right-click on the mini toolbar and in the menu bar you will get the option of FORMAT >> Cells.
  3. You can click CTRL+1 to get the dialog box of format cells. It can also be visible using CMD+1.
  4. Alignment options in Excel: you can align center, top, left, bottom, middle, right, or Angled using HOME >> Alignment of the group.
  5. Resize rows and columns:

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Case1: you are specifying the exact size: HOME>> Cells Group. Then you will get the option of Format >> Column Height / Row Width or you can make use of the Right-click menu.

Case 2: Autofit: for this, you have to double click on the line which separates two columns.

Or you can go to HOME >> Cells Group and choose the option of Format and then Autofit.

Case 3: Drag columns/rows to adjust: you can just click on the line which separates two columns and then drag it to the right or left as you want.

If you see ##### in a cell then it means that the space in the column is not enough to show the value and the width of the column should be increased. Else text would cut off and what fits would be visible.