All about kik Chat App

Being a great chat app, kik has become really popular in US among teenagers. Based on the reports it is revealed that more than 40% of the teenagers here use this application. This app is used in smart phones and is compatible with almost all operating systems. Among the many apps available today, kik is said to be very trendy.

Similar to other popular apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Messenger by Facebook, even in kik user can message individuals as well as groups. In kik username list can be created by creating a free kik account which is free and then they can use their email contacts to create a kik usernames list.

Why kik?

The reason behind kik’s popularity is it is a very intuitive app. Youngsters loves this app because it is really functional. Majority of the users think that kik is a great alternative for most of the chat apps, messenger, and email. Among all the main reason people choose kik is, it is free. Creating a Kik usernames list is also very easy. Many of the other may demand pay. When it comes to staying connected for longer intervals though, one must think about their data plans. Other than this, there is no other requirement to use kik.

Like any other chat app, even kik allows sharing GIFs, emoticons, videos and photos. Kik is released in the year 2010. Just in 6 years kik has succeeded to achieve 300 million users.

Contact list creation in kik:

First the user should download the kik app to their smartphone and install it. Then then can start searching for their friends using name and scan code. Other method is through using phone number of their friend’s one can create the contact. There is no limit on receiving or sending messages in kik. It is unlimited. It is very similar to simple text messaging. User should have enough data plans or connected to WiFi to use the kik app.

Main features of kik app:

Kik app is succeeded in giving a free service when it comes to messaging. The only thing it demands is email address when signing up. When setting up the kik profile, user must use a username and that’s all they can start using the kik app. Here are some of the key features of kik app.

  • Like many other chat app, when the other user is replying for your message, one can see the typing This helps the user to wait for the reply. By this user can understand that the other user has received his message.
  • When it comes to invite new users, it is very easy in kik app. This can be done using twitter, messenger, SMS, or email.
  • There will be notification when the user receives or sends some messages. If needed, they can set a customized notification tone or sound as well.

Kik app is available in Google play store and Apple store as well. It just needs some basic information of the user before setting the account. If needed, user can upload their profile photo when setting up their profile. Later they must start creating their username list. After doing this list they can start connecting with their friends through kik app.