About hongkong HSK preparation course

This article is meant to help those preparing for the HSK test and provides a better understanding of what is expected from a student’s score. A student’s score isn’t just a number but a reflection of how much you have studied and how well you know Hong Kong in Chinese.

This is not an article used for self-review or self-diagnosis of your current level. It’s an article meant as a guide for those studying for the test as it goes through each subject area and breaks down what they’re looking at when grading the paper. This way, students can adjust their study habits to fit what they will require on exam day. Those aiming for five or higher should try their best to study everything covered here if they can.

Four or lower can be expected if one hasn’t studied anything on the exam. This is not an easy test, and it’s meant for native Chinese speakers intending to live in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong HSK preparation course On a sentence level, remember that adjectives usually come before nouns, verbs after adverbs, but many variations occur because of Cantonese influences, so don’t worry too much about this rule. To get a perfect score, however, students must be able to distinguish between all types of sentences and words, which will be explained later using English translations.

Kong HSK preparation course and conversational mandarin package In addition to word order, particles are very important for this exam even though they are often dropped in spoken Cantonese. These small words carry a lot of meaning and can change the entire tense, mood, or intention of a sentence. Again, don’t worry if you don’t know all of them, as the test will only focus on a select few. However, it is important to be aware of what they do so you can understand when they are used.