Different Ways of Organizing Sockets

What Are The Different Ways of Organizing Sockets?

Sockets, the one key which will provide you persistent connection. Since there are different types and sizes of sockets, you should organize them in a proper way. There are many socket storage boxes available today separately.These consume less space inyour drawer and will also reduce your chances of losing your socket. If you want to buy the best socket set, head over to ToolsDuty for detailed review. Here are the ways of organizing sockets.

organizing sockets

  • Rails & Clips: With Rails & Clips, one can safely store sockets in an organized way. You can store a number of sockets and it will also not cost you more. Since socket rails and clips are made of steel, it holds your sockets with a perfect grip.
  • Plastic Rails & Clips: One can also use two rails of different colors to separate imperial and metric sockets. You can attach special clips to hold the accessories of sockets. It even has high storage capacity and is very easy to clean. The rail system is easily available in the market.
  • Magnetic Holder: In here, you can organize your sockets in a variety of ways. It is inexpensive and you can also attach a socket rail. However, ensure that the rail is not made of aluminum, as aluminum is not magnetic. By having a magnet on its back, it sticks to the tool chest.
  • Drawer Insert: Drawer inserts come up padded foam. They can be bought separately for chests and toolboxes. In this type of storage system, the foam is in the perfect shape to fit in the sockets. They provide a secure grip and you can also store other accessories. Some of the best socket sets come with a drawer storage set and you can get their reviews on ToolsDuty.
  • Socket Peg Trays: Organizing sockets in peg trays gives protection to your sockets. They are made of strong plastic and have a flat base. There are socket heads connected for you to easily identify the type of socket you are looking for. You can also mark for easy identification of sockets.
  • Molded Trays: This type of container requires no installation. It is easy to use and also easy to clean. It is inexpensive and is available in a variety of styles. Plastic molded trays are available either with the sockets or else you can buy them separately.

These are the basic ways of organizing your sockets. These will help you in identifying a particular socket and will also preserve them. Alternately, you can also label your sockets and place them in all the socket storage toolbox. You can customize them according to your own preference. These are more stable and provide enough protection to your sockets.