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Understanding the Different Aspects of Working as a Health Care Assistant

The varied position which depends on the work place is a health care assistant. Few of the times the staff operating on health care assistance are called as nursing auxiliaries or nursing assistants. You can work as a part-time healthcare assistant by becoming important part of a nursing group in a hospital or wider community or in a doctor’s surgery. They will also come to your houses to take care of your if you are ill critically.

What actually does a health care assistance do?

These people operate for GP surgeries and NHS hospital under the expert health care professional guidance. The nature of their position depends upon the work area. They can work alongside the nurses in midwives or nurses in hospitals or in mental health.

Duties and responsibilities of a health care assistant

health day care

The part time health care assistant can come from any surroundings of background from logistics, banking, and psychology students etc. They offer different kinds of duties and responsibilities. The health care assistant expects numeracy and literacy and are asked for GCSEs in maths and English. The roles of the assistant are

  • Helping individuals to move around
  • Making beds
  • Toileting
  • Serving meals and helping the patients by feeding them.
  • Communicating with the patients and making them convenient.
  • Sterilizing the equipment
  • Performing health check-ups
  • Restocking the rooms of consulting
  • Observing the condition of patient by taking their pulse, weight, and temperature etc.

Thus, these are some of the responsibilities of a health care assistant.