hdb bto renovation

Tips to Renovate Your HDB BTO Homes Cost-Effectively

Renovating your old HDB BTO homes surely enhances its beauty once again. It is refurbishing and won’t be expensive if you follow certain golden rules put forward by expert interior decorators. The hdb bto renovation won’t be a hazardous job for you by understanding the tricks.

  • First, need to consult the administration authority to sanction the renovation of your home. You need to get approval for demolishing, repairing, and hacking of walls if the needs arise.
  • Prepare the budget. It helps to know your financial limits to spend on renovation.
  • Appoint an experienced contractor and interior decorator. Their renovation ideas are sure to help you in redecorating your home efficiently. They will deal with the complete interior work according to your budget.
  • Have the basic plan of designing your flat. It includes the things that need to be replaced or repaired, the walls that need to be repainted, and the space that requires redecorating. The interior design can be of any style as per your taste but make sure the renovation design hasn’t adverse effect on the whole housing infrastructure.

hdb bto renovation

You can search the internet and social media apps to view and understand some popular redecorating ideas that make even a limited area of home look spacious. You can refurbish your furniture, kitchen cabinets and replace the carpets. Modern light fixtures promote an ambiance look to even compact homes, thus make a list to buy kinds of lighting elements that suit your new home décor.

Effective planning of redecorating your old place plays a major role to make your home look pleasant and welcoming.