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Search Engine Factors That Affects Your Rankings

The essential secrets to establish a good online presence for every business is to be knowledgeable in search engine ranking factors. Google, as one of the most popular search engine in today’s era, don’t inform users how they exactly rank every webpage on their database to be displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Because revealing the method would only cause chaos on the system and will produce non-sense results.

Luckily, as a website owner or a business entrepreneur, you don’t need to know how Google and other search engine generates their rankings by yourself. Some many experts and professionals can help you handle all of your online presence, especially in search engine placement. All of their knowledge is based on their cumulative experiences – SEO experts and professionals.

You may hire a company like Rise Marketing SEO Company Hong Kong that can provide services to help you establish a better search engine placement for your brand. They are knowledgeable about the different techniques and factors that are needed for your site to get the ranking you deserved.

Factors That Affects Your Placement

Here are the ranking factors that affect your search engine ranking, with this easy-to-understand definition and explanation, you can easily apply them today on your website.

Correct Usage of Keyword and Title Tag

A keyword is the one that every user put on their search engine to look for something that they want. So placing and using the correct keyword on your website will help you fix your current placement. Make sure that the keyword is also targeting your site’s title tag. Also, it is better if you create a good and catchy title to get the attention of the users.

Title tag or also known as “meta title” is the text that you can found on the top of the browser window. It serves as the title of the webpage that you visited. The meta title is the one that will be displayed as a link in every search engine result.

Rise Marketing SEO Company Hong Kong

In HTML code, the meta title is the one you can find between the <title> tags. For instance, the title of a particular article is “<title>How to SEO Your Website</title>.” When a user did a Google search and generated the results, the title of your particular article will be displayed and listed on the result page.

Do not use the same title for every page that you have on your website; the search engine will detect it as spam and not useful for the users. That’s why it is recommended to customized your title so your page will be unique compared to other pages.

Anchor Text and Inbound Links

The anchor text is a link that contains inbound links that will be redirected on the other page of your website. It is a visible and clickable word that includes a particular link. If other webpages link to you (uses the anchor text), signals Google how they describe your web content. Besides, the more website that links to your webpage will show every search engine that your website is relevant and useful, thus, giving you a higher placement in the search engine result page.

If you plan to use this, make sure that when you send an email to another website to promote a particular content, mention your preferred or customized text that needs to be anchored. Though sometimes, you can’t always get what you ask for, it is not a crime to ask.