The selection of timeless watches presented by UNDONE are not only meant for the lavish social occasions. People of distinction flaunt them even during the working day, and impress their peers with their uniqueness. There is a surge in the demand for retro chronograph watches, which are actually the latest automatic watches in the garb of retro chronographs.


Among the range of styles on offer by UNDONE, are some really breathtaking models, as below:

  • URBAN TYPE 20: The styling here is Aviator, but with a retro chronograph watches The heart is a a mechanical-quartz mechanism, but the old Pilot chronograph styling is back.
  • URBAN MYSTIQUE: The Mystique of the Alpha Male and Female is at the back of this style. Luminous hand-crafted fume dial makes this a sure winner.
  • URBAN MINIMALIST: The Minimalist style is for the confident social eagle, and ca n be worn with any suit or dress.
  • URBAN SPORT: This is the old-fashioned Racing Watch, back with a finely tuned modern mechanism. It also has a Tachymeter bezel, to calculate speed.
  • URBAN VINTAGE: The Vintage style dominates on the outside, but the Modern is at the control center. The looks are timeless, but the Time kept is totally accurate to the millisecond.


While the UNDONE URBAN class cultivates the styling of the best chronometers and chronographs, these are actually modern automatic watches, and incorporate the latest advances in technology. The standardized 40mm dial atop a light hardy body simply cannot be bettered.